Come si Cambia – Pt. 8
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What makes us original is the ability to express ourselves. Daring! Believing! Taking chances! Being brave! Loyal!
Proud! Defying the idiots. Disregarding them. Leaving them to rot bogged down in their eternal stifling mires.
Original people, though, are never exhibitionists. Never eccentric for amazement’s sake. Outstanding people possess ten key attributes: charisma, knowledge, clarity, awareness, character, courage, culture, brains, creed and connotation. At the same time, they exercise balance and a suitable sense of aesthetics: this and this only is what sets great individuals apart from the mediocrities. Without these ten flags to wave in the face of banality, the mediocrities settle for the losers’ three key attributes: caricature, pretence and commiseration.